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I have lower back pain and wanted a trainer who was able to help me manage this, as well as help with toning and flexibility. Angela's knowledge of how the body works got me to focus away from my back and look at how my body works as a whole. I now don't fear exercise and I'm amazed at what I have been able to achieve. I'm moving better in day to day life and know what to do if my back pain flares up. I've also lost some weight, which is a bonus! Would highly recommend Angela.


I have been a client of Angela's for over 5 years. The first thing I noticed about Angela is her personality she is always a pleasure to train with, she really ensures her clients are her main focus and the sessions are fun! Angela has worked on my nutrition, muscle building, flexibility and movement which is a great all round for me to stay fit and healthy. I would absolutely recommend anyone to be one of Angela's clients.. she really is fabulous!


It was hard to pick a service from the above list because Angela does it all. She has been an incredible support to me: Pre & Post Natal (5 years ago!), in group classes and personal training, for nutrition, for exercise, for mental health, for injury recovery - she has really been my coach across the board of health, wellbeing, fitness and nutrition. For 4 years now, I've been the thinnest I've been in my whole life, my eating has changed but I'm really enjoying what I eat (and therefore have managed to keep it stable for 4 years), and I get compliments on my arm muscles!


Angela has been my PT for two years and she is a true professional at heart. She is a qualified nutritionist and movement specialist and her knowledge is immense. Her passion for her job shines through the training and advice that she gives. I have seen fantastic results from her and it is because of Angela that I have gained great strength and the ability to achieve the impossible. Not to mention the metabolic advice I sought as well which has helped me change my outlook on the way I thought about food. Angela is very dedicated to her clients and will show continued support by being a call away or setting up WhatsApp groups to encourage group support. I could not recommend Angela highly enough.


Angela is an excellent personal trainer, as well as taking a holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing. She tailors every session and helped me address and improve a number of health issues (migraines, tiredness) through both nutrition and exercise. She has a gentle and intuitive approach, as well as pushing me when I was ready. Would highly recommend.


I've been working with Angela for over 3 years now and her continued self-improvement and wealth of knowledge has proved invaluable to me. We now work together over skype as I'm living abroad and she puts such care and attention into planning my sessions to ensure that I'm getting the most out of our time together. She's an excellent all round trainer and coach and I would recommend her to anyone.