Angela Graham

Angela Graham currently works in London and Leeds with both private and corporate clients. She works as a Private Coach and Destination Wellbeing Practitioner. She is also founder of a Corporate Wellbeing company, promoting nutrition, lifestyle and wellness and is a certified Movement Specialist.

Angela Graham currently works in London and Leeds with both private and corporate clients. She works as a Private Coach and Destination Wellbeing Practitioner. She is also founder of a Corporate Wellbeing company, promoting nutrition, lifestyle and wellness and is a certified Movement Specialist.

About Angela

After qualifying as a personal trainer and sports therapist in 2002 and completing a degree in 2004, Angela continued her education and completed many other holistic courses that lead her to the current title of Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner.

Angela’s wide ranging qualifications enable her to take a fully holistic approach with each private client, group and corporate client depending on their own individual goals.?Angela also prides herself on being a Personal Trainer mentor, delivering and coaching level 2 and level 3 courses to students.

When working in London Angela is a consultant for a corporate wellbeing company and trains a variety of private clients. Some clients have included Hollywood actors, reality tv stars, movie producers, play writers and a variety of VIPs including some of the Saudi Royal Family.

If you don?t live or work in London and Leeds then not to worry as Angela speaks with clients all over the world via Skype, Face time and social media.

Angela?s qualifications include:

  • CHEK Coach
  • CHEK Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Level2
  • Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor
  • The Art of Energy Healing
  • Fully Functioning Gut
  • Parasite & Bacteria Testing
  • Personal Trainer
  • Elite Movement Specialist

Angela's Services

One to One coaching

Angela offers a Start-up package for people who do not want regular training and One to One coaching to follow on from this.

Start-up Packages

Not everyone wants regular training so if this is you then the start-up packages are perfect.

As a movement specialist she will ensure you perform the correct techniques and continue to motivate you to achieving your goals.

There is no minimum and maximum courses you can book. If the one-to-one sessions are for health, lifestyle and nutrition then Angela can offer a Skype, FaceTime or private consultation at home or Angela?s office.

Angela conducts an in-depth consultation, discussing your personal goals and aims. She then carry’s out a One to One session assessing posture, movement, nutrition and lifestyle. She is excellent at educating clients and offers a bespoke plan to help you achieve your goals.

You will be asked to complete assessment questionnaires and take part in a number of one to one sessions after the assessments to go through the program and nutrition plan. After one month Angela will offer you a review to check the success of the program.

Angela can also just offer a package on program design without health and lifestyle advice if this suits you better.

One to One Coaching

These one-to-one sessions nicely follow on from the start up packages. Angela?usually offers blocks of 4/8 and 12.

As a movement specialist she will ensure you perform the correct techniques and continue to motivate you and push you towards achieving your goals.

There is no minimum or maximum courses length. If your sessions are for health, lifestyle and nutrition then Angela can offer a Skype, FaceTime and private meeting at your home or office.

One to One Coaching



Choose Plan


  • Consultation
  • Nutrition & lifestyle assessment
  • Posture assessment
  • Nutrition & lifestyle plan

Corporate Wellbeing Packages

Angela has a range of Wellbeing Days, ‘Healthy Happy Office Audits’ and bespoke corporate events.

Why not utilise Angela?s 20 years experience, knowledge and wisdom to improve your workforce productivity, reduce sickness days and improve health, happiness and wellbeing over the whole office and company.

Angela has created a unique pick and mix package so you can chose a variety of services that suit your requirements. Some of the company?s Angela work with start out not knowing what the staff need or want so let Angela do all the hard ground work and conduct a healthy staff/ happy staff audit and create you a unique corporate wellbeing package.

If you simply fancy promoting health and wellbeing in the office then let Angela and her team come and educate, pamper, inspire, move, massage, train, coach and fuel your team with one of her fun holistic wellbeing days.

Pic and mix options:

Relaxation workshop
Working in – zone exercises 1-6
Movement and mobility classes
Band & Tone exercise class
Posture assessments
Full posture and movement assessments
Stress management and assessment
Health assessment
Fitness assessment
Sleep talk and the effect on productivity
Group PT classes
Breathing technique
Destination wellbeing
Nutrition talks and workshops
Gut health workshops and assessments
Supplements and heath tips
Bespoke options
Metabolic Typing plan

Corporate Wellbeing Packages





  • Healthy Office Audit
  • Group Workshops
  • Group Classes
  • Nutrition & lifestyle development
  • Stress management

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Angela has two lifestyle and health plans, both using?CHEK principles.
The first is a?primal diet-based food plan and the second is a totally bespoke plan.

Level 1

Angela?s easy nutrition, lifestyle and health plan uses the six foundations of health principles learned and encouraged on many of her CHEK courses and also incorporates a primal diet-based food plan based on your initial assessment. The CHEK institute is considered to be one of the leaders in the world for health, healing and wellbeing.

Level 2
Health excel pride themselves on a more biochemical individuality method, so Angela cleverly combines CHEK principles with your own biochemistry and creates a truly bespoke plan for level 2.

You will learn how your body metabolises nutrients and minerals and given tools to tweak your nutrition plan to find your true metabolic typing requirements.

This method will not only seriously improve health and wellbeing, Angela?s clients have also achieved fat loss and muscle and fitness gains by eating the right fuel.

Nutrition & Lifestyle package




level 1 – ?195
Nutrition and lifestyle assessment
and plan using CHEK principles.

level 2 – ?295
Metabolic typing assessment using
health excel and CHEK combined.


Nourish & flourish

This is a 6 week course covering nutrition and wellbeing. Ideal for a?group of friends, colleagues or family who are looking for a?tailored plan.

Have you have ever tried slimming groups, fad diets or new trendy nutrition plans and not received the results you deserve? Do you enjoy the group motivation and encouragement and want to understand your own nutritional requirements?

If you want to finally take charge and improve your own shape, health and wellbeing then why don?t you get a group of friends, colleagues or family together and sign up. Nourish & Flourish is a unique 6 week nutrition and lifestyle course that will guarantee results when your tailored plan is followed accurately.

Nourish & Flourish will identify each individuals requirements and help to create a unique food plan that is?enjoyable and achievable. To compliment the nutrition plan we will discuss and educate on lifestyle, stress and?overall health each week to ensure each participant completes the 6 week course feeling amazing and well?informed to continue the lessons learned. Below is a list of weekly lessons and exercise classes, which may?change or alter depending on group size and needs.

Nourish & Flourish



Choose Plan


6 weeks nutrition and lifestyle course
run by Angela Graham in the
workplace or home

90 minutes workshop each week
for 6 weeks


Vitality Fitness Parties

In the weeks leading up to the party you will receive a nutrition and lifestyle and screening questionnaire so Angela can prepare personalised manuals and have a better understanding of each individuals goals and aims.

On the day
Angela will start the party with a welcome and a presentation on some of the findings from the nutrition questionnaires. This leads nicely to the first presentation of the importance of fuelling the body with the correct macro nutrients that your body needs. The presentation is followed by a group training session.
After the presentation the first session is Angela?s Primal Flow class, this includes Pilates and Yoga and is body weight based which means its ideal for those who do not have time for the gym or simply want the convenience of being able to train at home. Angela will give you a copy of the routine so you can continue to progress on your own.?A quick food break will give you the chance to look re-energise and look at your metabolic typing/diet plans.

A second presentation will follow on the topic of stressors on the body and how stress affects health, fat, vitality and basically quality of life. You will discuss which stressors are affecting YOU and which ones can be changed and why they are affecting your health and potentially stopping you from reaching your goals.
A second group training session follows the presentation.

To finish the workshop you will revisit some tools and discuss how the food made you feel and work on a 4 day personal plan for food and also be given homework and a plan for the following 4 weeks.
There is an option to book a review at the end of the session.

Vitality Fitness Parties





  • Consultation
  • Continuous assessment
  • Lunch
  • Nutrition & lifestyle development
  • Stress management & lifestyle plan

Destination Wellbeing

Over the last decade or so Angela has worked with a number of people with insomnia, anxiety, depression, skin irritations, IBS, constipation, fatigue, acne, itchy skin and other symptoms that could indicate an imbalance in the body.

Angela has completed many holistic courses with Lane Wellness group which include PCI, who are a world leader in the diagnosis and treatment of parasitic infections. Angela combines her holistic wellbeing knowledge to assess any symptoms you may have and will suggest a protocol based on her findings.

So if you feel under par or not as healthy and vital as you wish, then let Angela help by conducting some appropriate tests and assessments. Everyone has the right to be truly healthy, happy and whole, so why not find out more and start your Destination Wellbeing today.

Destination Wellbeing




Imbalances in the body

Diagnosis and treatment of parasitic infections

Holistic wellbeing knowledge

Destination Wellbeing


Over 20 years experience

No matter what your goals and aims are, Angela is confident that she can help.


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